The Wall Carpets from The Forbidden Kingdom exhibition were made as ‘one off’ items or in limited editions of 3. Past work may still be available for purchase. Please contact John for details and prices.

Quiet Mountain Snow

124 cm x 75 cm

Mountain Snow

Mountain Shrine

Mountain Stuppa with Tibetan Flags

94 cm x 102 cm

Complex Mountains

148 cm x 105 cm

Imperial City

140 cm x 105 cm


99 cm x 151 cm

Mule Train

108 cm x 155 cm

6A Stuppa with flags

86 cm x 53 cm

6B Stuppa with flags

82 cm x 50 cm

Mountain Monastery

92 cm x 67 cm


117 cm x 85 cm

River Gorge

81 cm x 117 cm

Rock Mountain

87 cm x 102 cm